Friday, February 17, 2012

Week 4

Uploading these assignments I realize more than ever just how much I love foregrounds, like backgrounds, and utterly refuse to pay any attention to mid-grounds. This has got to stop. I'm throwing down the gauntlet. For week 5, I vow that I will have at least one (if not more) pieces with a strong focal point firmly placed in the mid-ground. And while I'm throwing around gauntlets, I also vow that it will be somewhat more intricate than I have done thus far.

What I learned from this assignment (or if previously learned then hopefully better applied)

1. The abstract design of the piece is just as, if not more, important than the actual subject. So zoom waaaaaay out in the initial phase to make sure you have a nice range of shapes. I find it also makes it easier to get strong line to your shapes as well.

2.Color is easier if you keep most of them way toned down and slowly sneak up on the saturation. If you go 100 percent from the beginning you have nothing to contrast it with. How can one part of the scene seem more brilliant than another if all the colors are screaming? Obviously, it can't.

3. Find an example from a reference of how light and matter react. I used reference to one degree or another with all but the war scene. That said, none of my pieces look just like the references. Below are the references I had up for the giant climbing the ridge picture. The guns and jeeps didn't show up in the painting so please don't go looking for them, I don't want to see you disappointed.

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