Monday, August 29, 2011

Carlos Huante Workshop

Last March I took another workshop through Anatomy Tools which I haven't blogged about yet. This was a workshop from the monster mistro himself, Carlos Huante. I had met him at last year's workshop when Andrew brought him in to visit us. I was impressed by his instructing, so I signed up for the workshop.

Question: did I get my money's worth? Heck yes.

The class was simple. Before the class started Carlos had done three sketches of abstract human forms from which we could choose to sculpt--the idea being to teach us about the qualities of skin, fat muscle and bone without it being tied specifically to a real object.

It was difficult, but rewarding. I learned so much about how to design form and how to show muscle tension from this class.

As well Carlos, Andrew and crew went to extra lengths to make it educational, including bringing in some amazing original sculptures which Carlos had just completed--very kind of Carlos. As well, at the end Carlos gave us a challenge to finish the sculpt at home and the best one would get a six month mentorship with Carlos . I didn't win--there were far better sculptors there than myself--but I'm glad I gave it a try, because I learned a lot about Carlos's thought process and about forms and muscles. Sculpting is a great way to learn form.

Here are a couple of photo's of my final sculpture which Carlos designed and helped move along, occasionally tooling it himself when I got far afield.

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