Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This started off as a random sketch and turned into a random painting.

Notice I even labeled it "random sketch" just to be absolutely certain that I didn't up and decide that it was a not random sketch, because...whoa, that would be very bad, somehow, I'm sure.

Much of the time I leave my random sketches alone to go work on the non-random ones, but the guy on the right clearly wanted to fight something. I decided that it was to be a scene that could take place in the Mistborn Trilogy, by Brandon Sanderson. And then I just kept on going to see where it went. The girl is Vin, the main character, and I'm not sure who the guy with the knife is. By the way, if you haven't by chance heard of the Mistborn books, you might want to give them a look. Excellent world building, and more importantly, excellent characters.


  1. I like, Dixon. Strong silhouettes :~}
    Being a fan of the books, I wish you had put the Mistborn cloak on Vin. Love the mist.

  2. Thanks Kim! Yeah, I guess this is later in the series when she doesn't wear it. Or maybe she forgot it in one of those spur of the moment fights.

    I want to do one with the cloak at some point after I figure out a design that I'm happy with. I too think the cloak is and awesome part of the books.

  3. Dixon, the moonlight stroll painting is my favorite. Awesome stuff! I've been checking out your fantasy art and I love it! Keep it up,

  4. Wow. I think that word adequately describes what I'm thinking about all of these.
    P.S. Mistborn rocks - sweet pic! That's exactly how I always pictured Vin

  5. Dixon, I love that mistborn image. Would you have a problem with me using it for the background on the blog i'm starting?