Friday, March 26, 2010

Creature and Animal Anatomy Workshop from Anatomy Tools

This half shaved wolf was sculpted by yours truly with help from Mike Murnane, Andrew Cawrse, Damon Bard, Lenny Lee and a bit of advice from Carlos Huante who stopped in for six hours.

Yeah, count it, that's 5 amazing teachers for one workshop! Mike and Andrew were the full time teachers--not to mention very awesome(how many instructors can open up the Art of Star Wars Episode II to give examples of their work?) and the other three instructors were big time bonuses. All 5 are or have been in the movie industry working with creatures.

Anatomy Tools workshops rock! I learned so much about anatomy, design, sculpture, and character. Not to mention I got to meet a lot of very cool people who were learning along side of me. (Word to Derek, Daniel, and Will who were with me all the way--they did all five courses (I initially was going to do only level 2 and 3, but liked them so much I signed up for 4 and 5 as well. Glad I did.)

The workshops were put together very well. Andrew goes the extra mile time and time again, week after week. He must be dead to the world now after 5 weeks of intensity. Man, he's an animal.

Speaking of animals, I haven't taken a picture yet of my last sculpt I did for level 5 Character design. I will eventually. I think I might work on it a bit more before I do.

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  1. hi
    This is really Looks Nice Sculpture....... :)
    your approaching method for anatomy is good......
    you have bright Future man... " Good luck "..

    I want to do like this,
    But I am week in to Build anatomy.
    Upload more your sculptures