Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lamanite Attack

At the moment I'm working on a portrait, so I'm posting an unfinished sketch which I plan to finish later. At any rate, I always like to see the unfinished works of other artists--they usually teach me more than the finished piece. So hopefully someone will in enjoy this.

A bit of explanation on what the scene is about: in the Book of Mormon (yup, I'm a Mormon) there are two nation's which are constantly fighting, the Lamanites and the Nephites. In the foreground are Lamanites sneaking up on...well, only some light beams at the moment, but I plan on putting a group of Nephites around a campfire.


  1. Have you finished this painting yet? I'm a seminary teacher and I'm starting the war chapters I'm using the unfinished piece to begin my presenation. I'd love to see the finished work.

  2. Hi Jake, It's not finished yet. Sorry. And I'm not sure when that will be, I have so much going on. But I'm excited about the beginning stage here, so i imagine that I'll return to it.

    Feel free to suggest other pictures that you'd like to see for seminary that you just can't find, just in case I get in the sketching mood again.