Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hurakan Challenge part 6

This is for the Artorder Challange. Artorder is a blog by Wizards of the Coasts Art Editor Jon Schindehette. Shout outs to Jon for going to all of the work he puts into helping illustrators improve their skills.


  1. Saw your submission over at ArtOrder.. I'm loving your work..

    You have an amazing skill with color, light, and mood!



  2. I don't often find myself pulled to a book's cover as I was a couple months ago when I first viewed your beautifully composed illustration on the front of "Eliza's Field of Faith". Each of your illustrations had me turning each page, until I walked out of the bookstore with two purchased copies. Imagine my surprise when once again, I experienced that magical pull with this illustration for Artorder, only to discovered that it is one and the same artist. Bravo Mr. Leavitt. Thank you for sharing your gift. This is beautiful and haunting. Hands down, my favorite.

  3. Hey!

    Just saw your submission on Artorder as well and was really drawn to your beautiful graphic, simple storytelling. Your images have a sort of lovely Hopper-esque melancholy but with something entirely new. I look forward to seeing more!

  4. Thanks everyone for the nice comments and taking the time to view my blog.